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NAFTA update
Our Director of International Affairs Adriana Vega recently travelled to Mexico on the margins of the NAFTA Round 5 of negotiations. While in Mexico City, along with other Chamber members on-site, we met with the Chief Trade Negotiator Steve Verheul as well as with business and government stakeholders from all three countries.

Representing the Canadian Services Coalition, we also participated in a trilateral roundtable with the Coalition of Services Industries (U.S.) and Mexico’s CANIETI (Mexico’s national chamber for the telecoms and information technology sectors).
This memorandum summarizes the views collected throughout the visit. For more information, please reach out to Adriana Vega, international affairs director at the Chamber.
Supreme Court case – Internal trade barriers being tested
Interprovincial trade barriers are an issue that the Chamber has fought for a very long time. Time and time again we have urged policy makers to negotiate for freer borders in Canada. Although the signing of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement was a step in the right direction, more work must be done. That is why the Canadian Chamber decided to become an intervener in the upcoming Supreme Court Case, R v Comeau. You have likely read about the Comeau case in the news.
Mr. Comeau is the New Brunswick retiree who drove to Quebec to purchase some alcohol and on the way home received a ticket from the RCMP for transporting alcohol across the border. He challenged the ticket in court and won. Now that the case has gone up to the Supreme Court, we decided to get involved to make sure that the Chamber’s believe in free trade is heard.
Our lawyers have provided a short summary of the case and our legal argument. We will be sure to keep you all updated on the case and our progress on the interprovincial trade file.
The Chamber has been given permission by the Court to present their position on this issue at the hearing in Ottawa on December 6 and 7, 2017.
For more information, please contact Aaron Van Tassel,  policy associate at the Chamber.

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