UOIT Hosts Innovation 2013

The Chamber Will Be There – Will You? The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce will be showcasing its organization at UOIT’s “INNOVATION 2013”, a highlight event for entrepreneurs, business professionals and managers who want to understand the next wave of digital technology and its impact on the business world on Friday, June 14th, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30p.m. Visit sites.uoit.ca/innovation to register. Visit sites.uoit.ca/innovation to register.

Attend this conference if you would like to:

Inspire a better understanding of the world of digital media and digital technology.

Experience first-hand innovations and learn how to apply these new technologies.

Explore the digital future – where are we going and how will we get there? Trends – challenges – strategies.

The hands-on workshops conducted by UOIT professors and industry professionals will help you understand where the world of digital media is heading and how you can incorporate it into your organization.

This low cost event includes networking lunch and free parking and a convenient location. Visit sites.uoit.ca/innovation to register.

Isabelle Foley

Isabelle Foley

As Director of Member Success I strive to help members connect and get the most out of their chamber membership. I am an advocate for local businesses and passionate about spotlighting our community's success. Join the growth!


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