Drivers are asked to drive safely in school zones


OSHAWA – September marks the beginning of the new school year, and back to school means more children and pedestrians walking and biking in school areas. The City of Oshawa is asking residents to exercise caution in school zones and to obey no parking and stopping signs for pedestrian and driver safety.

To ensure the safety of pedestrians, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers will enforce no parking and stopping regulations in the vicinity of schools. Please be aware of traffic signs and remember do not park in fire routes.

No Stopping Zones

  • may not be used for the purpose of picking-up or dropping-off school children;
  • are established in a limited number of locations, where the stopping of a vehicle will create a traffic hazard, congestion or interfere with the use of a school crossing; and,
  • the fine for a stopping violation is $60.

No Parking Zones

  • may be used for picking up or dropping of school children, provided this action is actually occurring;
  • do not permit a vehicle to be parked while drivers wait for their children; and,
  • the fine for a parking violation is $30.

School Crossing Zones

The City of Oshawa reminds drivers and cyclists that the three-whistle system is in effect:

  1. First Whistle: The school crossing guard blows the first whistle, enters the roadway, holds up the stop sign, and ensures that traffic has stopped. Children and pedestrians stay on the sidewalk until the school crossing guard blows the second whistle.
  2. Second Whistle: The school crossing guard blows the second whistle when it is safe for children and pedestrians to cross.
  3. Third Whistle: Once the children have safely crossed the roadway, the school crossing guard leaves the roadway. Once safely off the roadway, the guard blows the third whistle to signify the crossing has ended and traffic can proceed.

To help ensure the safety of our crossing guards, students and other pedestrians, motorists are reminded to take special care while driving and to follow these safety reminders:

  • be observant of children when in a school area and be ready to stop at all times;
  • be patient and wait for children to complete their crossing before proceeding;
  • reduce speed in schools zones;
  • stop when a stop paddle is held up by a crossing guard;
  • drivers cannot stop or park within this zone for any reason including the pick-up or drop-off of students; and,
  • sightlines for crossing guards must be maintained. Drivers who stop within a school crossing create serious hazards for both the children and the crossing guard.

School Bus Loading Zones

  • used for the exclusive use of school buses or vehicles under contract to the Boards of Education;
  • drivers cannot stop or park within this zone for any reason including the pick-up or drop-off of students; and,
  • the fine for a parking violation is $45.
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