Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce ‘Energizing Canada’s Future’

The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce a noteworthy milestone achieved at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s annual general meeting, held this month in Calgary, Alberta. The theme for this year’s AGM was “Energizing Canada’s Future” and the Oshawa Chamber successfully passed two pivotal policy resolutions, contributing to the development of a brighter future for businesses across the nation.

The annual event, effectively “the Parliament of Canadian Business,” was a gathering of business leaders and advocates from all corners of the country. At the diverse national assembly, the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce demonstrated its commitment to advancing policies that will drive Canada’s economic growth and prosperity.

Photo of Oshawa Chamber CEO, Jason King, delivering the policy resolutions for consideration at the AGM's policy day.
Oshawa Chamber CEO, Jason King, delivers the policy resolutions for consideration by the national membership at the AGM’s policy day.

Jason King, CEO of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, expressed his excitement over this achievement, stating, “The Oshawa Chamber is deeply honored to have played a role in shaping the future of Canada’s business landscape. Our two policy resolutions, passed with overwhelming support, represent our dedication to a strategic focus on what matters for enabling our local businesses and the broader Canadian business community. The message is clear that our industries are up for the challenge of supplying all the reliable, interconnected, scalable energy and transportation infrastructure that Canada needs to realize its full economic potential.”

The Oshawa Chamber’s efforts were met with enthusiasm and encouragement by industry leaders, chambers of Commerce, and boards of trade, including Perrin Beatty, President and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Beatty noted, “The Canadian Chamber is immensely proud of the Oshawa Chamber’s commitment and dedication to our collective vision for a prosperous and thriving Canada. The passage of these resolutions, which will help to strengthen our supply chains, increase innovation, and achieve our net-zero ambitions, demonstrates the unity in the Canadian business community and sets the stage for positive change.”

Upon adoption by the Canadian government, Oshawa’s two resolutions, crafted in collaboration with key sector leaders at Ontario Power Generation and the Hamilton Oshawa Port Authority, will unlock latent containerized freight-handling capacity at Great Lakes ports, expedite new nuclear energy project approvals, and advance innovations in carbon sequestration, helping accelerate Canada toward a carbon-neutral future. While the specifics of the resolutions passed will be communicated in the coming weeks, the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce’s involvement at the Canadian Chamber’s annual general meeting reaffirms their commitment to fostering an environment in which businesses can thrive and grow.

This achievement is a testament to the Greater Oshawa Chamber’s ongoing commitment to its mission and to the businesses it represents. As the Chamber continues to serve as a voice for the local business community, it also plays a significant role in shaping the future of Canada’s business landscape and “Energizing Canada’s Future.”

For more information about the Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.OshawaChamber.com. To learn more about the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.Chamber.ca.

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Jason King

As the CEO of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, I blend entrepreneurship and B2B tech marketing expertise to bring you essential news and insights. Join me in navigating the business landscape as we work together to foster growth, collaboration, and build community prosperity in the heart of Oshawa.


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