Oshawa Culinary Compass Launches, Unveiling a Flavorful Tour Through the Heart of the City

Oshawa, a city celebrated for its industrial heritage and strong community spirit, has emerged as a culinary destination worth exploring. Today, we are delighted to announce the official launch of the Oshawa Culinary Compass, a stunning, magazine-style guide designed to lead food enthusiasts on a delightful journey through Oshawa’s vibrant and diverse food scene.

Krista Licsi, Oshawa Tourism Director, expressed her enthusiasm for the Oshawa Culinary Compass, saying, ” The Oshawa Culinary Compass is a testament to the city’s evolving food scene, where real food, real people, and real flavor await. It’s the perfect resource for both residents and visitors to explore the exceptional dining spots that make Oshawa a culinary haven.”

The Oshawa Culinary Compass offers a unique insight into Oshawa’s food scene, highlighting not only the best restaurants in Oshawa but also the hidden gems, cozy local eateries, and popular food places that make the city a culinary delight.  Inside this guide, readers will find stunning photography, featuring real dishes from local restaurants, with real Oshawa citizens as models. It is a celebration of the city’s culinary diversity and the people who make it come alive.

Jason King, CEO of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of the guide, stating, “Oshawa’s culinary journey isn’t just about food; it’s about community and culture, both of which form the critical root system of a robust business environment.  The Oshawa Culinary Compass reflects the vibrant and diverse community that calls this city home.”

Single serving samples of chicken and waffles, part of the array of snacks at the Culinary Compass launch event
Samples of chicken and waffles from Bourbon St. Chicken were among the array of snacks at the Culinary Compass launch event. Photo credit: Mikki Simeunovich


The launch event took place in the form of a small reception at the Oshawa Food Truck Corral, home of some of the city’s most creative and diverse culinary offerings. The occasion was marked with a celebration of local flavors, where visitors had the chance to sample dishes from some of the vendors featured in the guide.

To experience Oshawa’s culinary delights and embark on a flavorful journey through the city, download your copy of the Oshawa Culinary Compass today at www.OshawaCulinary.com.

About Oshawa Tourism: Oshawa Tourism is a community service delivered through a longstanding partnership between the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce and the City of Oshawa. Launched by The Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce in November 2022, Oshawa Tourism serves as a comprehensive resource and a dynamic marketing practice, highlighting the city’s rich culture, vibrant community, and diverse culinary scene. Through immersive community engagement and strategic initiatives, Oshawa Tourism fosters local pride, introduces Oshawa’s unique charm to the world, and plays a pivotal role in positioning Oshawa as an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike.

Picture of Jason King

Jason King

As the CEO of the Greater Oshawa Chamber of Commerce, I blend entrepreneurship and B2B tech marketing expertise to bring you essential news and insights. Join me in navigating the business landscape as we work together to foster growth, collaboration, and build community prosperity in the heart of Oshawa.


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