You are currently viewing Ep. 012 – LIVE Podcast: Deep Oshawa History Told Through Art

Ep. 012 – LIVE Podcast: Deep Oshawa History Told Through Art

Did you know Oshawa may have received cannon fire from an American ship in the War of 1812?  What about the fact that Oshawa’s first police chief also wrote a gossip column for the local newspaper?

History often best comes to life when it’s told through the stories of the people who lived it and that’s the work of local artist Eric Sangwine in a nutshell.  For this episode, we convened in front of a live audience at Kops’ Records in downtown Oshawa for a discussion facilitated by history enthusiast Claudio Faria, Eric, and Oshawa Museum curator, Melissa Cole.  What you’re about to hear is a fun, wide-ranging and markedly non-linear telling of some niche parts of the history of Oshawa; we hope you enjoy it.

In the recording, the group refers often to some of Eric’s paintings, so here’s a little slideshow of some of the works in question:

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