Ep. 004 – Ahmed Kufaishi – An Ounce of Data Privacy Protection

Ahmed Kufaishi is the founder and Managing Director of ALARY Technologies, an IT service provider specializing in supporting Apple computers in business environments.  This episode was recorded on Data Privacy Day, so the discussion ranges through all things data privacy-related, including managed services (especially for SMBs who aren’t likely to have dedicated internal IT teams) and the evolution of data breaches.

Ahmed provides us with some background insight into his business journey, from his early desires to become a construction engineer until today. Having graduated from University as a construction engineer, he quickly discovered through working in the industry that it wasn’t for him and, having graduated right after the gulf war in Iraq, there wasn’t much opportunity for him in the construction engineering industry. Having always enjoyed and shown adeptness for working with computers, he decided to open a computer store, a career path he continued down upon his arrival in Canada, managing the service department for an independent Apple reseller in downtown Toronto for eight years.

Ahmed shares what managed IT services are and how in most cases, by the time you take your device to a technician to check if you have a data breach – it’s already too late. The conversation then turns to the evolution of data breaches, and how what was previously most often just an annoying and inconvenient situation, is now a situation where hackers with malicious intent can use your data in a negative, harmful manner ranging from theft of money, to identity theft, to shutting down entire public utilities.

Ahmed speaks about the importance of understanding where we are storing our data, how important our data is, and the privacy legislation surrounding our data. He goes on to introduce the idea that passwords might be a thing of the past within a few years as we are supposed to have different passwords for each platform that we use, yet it’s so challenging to remember so many different passwords.

Alary Technologies provides services for most of the GTA and specializes in Apple devices and operating systems. You can contact Ahmed Kufaishi through his website; https://alarytech.ca/, or through Facebook.


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